Professional breakfasts at MAT by MINIM

Professional breakfasts at MAT by MINIM


MAT, our new showroom-boutique of bathrooms and premium materials for architecture and interior design, has just opened its doors in Barcelona.

We offer you the possiblity to be one of the first ones to get to know our spaces. There you will discover the latest tends in technical meterials for interior design (bathrooms, faucets, ceramics, parquets, natural stones...). Also you can find a detaild selection of international firms that go for the best design, quality and innovation.

Do you want to be one of the first to know MAT?

If you are an architect or an interior designer and you are interested in seeing our spaces, send us an email to We will get in touch with you to specify a day and hour and we will offer you a breakfast while we show you our showroom. Do you want to join in?


Desayunos profesionales MAT by MINIM